Sunday, December 9, 2012

Checking In

Its been a while since I have posted and so much has happened I don't know were to start. So this will be a quick overview and more focused on getting me up to speed on blogging.

After 70.3 worlds I raced Rose City Tri and Possum Kingdom ( a gem of a race) I feel like I missed my peak by a week as I was jumping out of my skin both days. Its easily to sit here and say I could have done x y and z at Vegas. I had those guys actually! as you race the race on the day and get your finishing place to life with. End of story. Live-learn-forgot. But it got me excited for Austin 70.3 and beyond.... fast forward to Sept 19th (my bros birthday actually) I was in Baton Rouge, knocked out 3k in the pool with a masters group and was on one enjoyable  6 mile run around the lakes at LSU when I had a bad fall turned out fractured my Thumb and had surgery a week last. So 2012 was over and out !

6 weeks in a cast all up my arm with 3 pins holding my thumb in place for 4 weeks and the last 2 weeks I had just a case around my hand. I started back a little swimming in the last week when the cast, just 1000m or so 3 times. When the injury happened I decided to take a 1-2 week break and not do any workouts, then I started running only, with no structure just putting in miles and some tempo type stuff when I felt like it.

So when I hopped back officially in the pool, I wasn't expecting much in terms of pace or feel ! I was just happy to be back in the water and meet my friends at the pool again. But my masters Coach, Susan had me move to my normal lane for a set of 200m's, my goal was to hang on! when I saw the clock after rep 1, I knew I hadn't lost much at all. Just some endurance, which came back after a week or so. I'm so lucky to have a great swim coach to help me with my weakness and I'm excited to see what 2013 brings for me in Triathlon. No more losing lots of time !!!

Thankfully down in San Antonio we have amazing winter and our crew has starting to get focused and ready to put some solid basework in order to build for the next racing season. Wes and I have been kicking about racing plans for 2013. Lots to be determined and organized but for now its time to put the head down and get the work done. This coming week I will aim to get more specific with bike workouts and keep my swim volume high.

Finally I did the Hel of a Du Duathlon on Saturday and had lots of fun and knocked out a solid time to break the course record with my limited biking the last 12 weeks.  

Have a great week.


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