Monday, March 28, 2011

San Antonio

In a week I was be jetting on over to Ireland for European Duathlon Champs. Then from April 20th I was be calling San Antonio TX home. This past weekend I paid a trip down to my new homeland to see Heather and do a marriage prep course. I got in some decent training too as the weather was amazing!

Friday was an early morning run of 45mins before the sun was up, then after breakfast I got on Heather's bike and explored for a bit to look for good places to live. In the afternoon I hit up Golds Gym with Heather to get in a swim before we headed to the first day of our class at 6pm until 9pm. Afterwards we met up with Wes and Erin Anderson for a few drinks. Both are from Iowa and moved to San Antonio not that long ago. Wes is racing Pro this season and Erin is doing her first Ironman this year. A pretty awesome couple and will be great to get to know them !
Saturday morning was a quick run before we headed back to the class, In the afternoon I hit up the trails again to see if my hip was fine to race on Sunday. I decided to be smart and wait until I got my hip aligned to put in a hard effort and besides with 3 weeks left to Euros its best to play it safe.

So Sunday instead of the 10k, I hooked up with Wes Anderson for a nice steady 70+mile tour of the outskirts of San Antonio, He is Wes's blog
In the pm I jumped in the pool 200m from the house for a quick swim, It will be nice to have a 25 yard pool so close to swim at. No excuses after April 20th ! and lots of yards.

Have a great week.
Go Caps !


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

S#$T or get off the pot !

So my College Coach liked to say its time to S#$T or get off the pot. After spending many days and nights thinking about my situation and what I want to do with my life. We have decided that if I'm going to race PRO, I may as well give it all I got and not half-ass it. So Heather and I are making the move south to Texas. We got family down there, also we really like the area and climate.
It was a really tough decision for me to make as I totally enough my job at Pacers and the DC area for training also the great people to workout with. I have made some many friends here too. But my heart is telling me be true to myself and see what can I achieve.
I believe in myself and want to use the gifts that god has giving me, hard work, dedication and the desire to better myself.

So after European Duathlon Champs I will move down.

On the training side, the last 2 days have been solid

AM Swim with Zac. felt rough for me, He was rolling.
PM Track with Pacers Elite. 6 X 1mile w 400 jog. Great group right now, lots of guys getting fit and more to come. Good to see Willy back. Some of these guys will be popping some big time races later this yr or early 2012. Steve and Frank and progressing nearly. Total 13miles

AM Run 10 miles easy recovery in the trails w Chris and Erik
PM Bike 40miles w Darion, What a day off. We did some harder efforts but mainly rode easy-steady.