Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Harambee literally means "all pull together" in Swahili, and is also the official motto of Kenya and appears on its coat of arms. The other day I was running past the Kenyan embassy and saw this sign. It reminded me of Kenyan Runners training together to achieve their goals, working hard and pushing one another. I personally find I train so much better when I work with a team of like minded athletes.

On Monday evening I swam with my buddies Andy and Dirk and I got to be honest I was tried and if I was alone I would have probably headed home or just have swam easy. But instead I got in a great workout and even ran home to end my workout. Furthermore, Saturday I had another solid swim and a great bike ride with Andy and Zac.

My training has been going decent, I hitting more volume that last year, my running is a little behind were it was in '09 due to my Achilles limiting my run workouts. But swim and bike are on track for Dallas.

My plan is to add some miles to my legs the next 3 weeks, I want to put in a good showing at Nations then I will do a tougher 3 week block before a rest week for Dallas, following the another 4 week phase for Clearwater. Basically I'm taking a leaf out of my Cross Country Training with anyways got my peaking for Championship time, and with my Tri races dated the same as XC time. It make sense to follow a tried and trusted periodization .

Friday, August 6, 2010

Ridin' Solo

The last month has been not so exciting for me when it comes to running. It has been limited mileage and no workouts.
Finally as my boy Jason Derulo sings "Yeah I feelin' good tonight"
Did a 5.75mi run after work and had no tightness in my Achilles. Lets hope this is a turn for the good. Yesterday I hit up the track for some pace work effort. 6 X 800m with 200m jog. I av 2:32 in the pouring rain. Goal was 2:35-2:30 to help the legs find 5:00 pace again. Nothing to write home about. But I now take an approach that you need to progress when it comes to getting back to full speed, a few yrs ago I would be banging this session out in sub 2:20, the first week back. Not very smart, right !

This weekend I got the Sprint Super Race in Manassas Va. http://www.triitnow.com/
It should be a fun race, draft-legal on the bike. 400y swim , 8 mile bike (8 X 1mi loop) and 1.8mile Run (2 loops).

On a side note I remember thinking when I started this blog, that I would talk about the tunes that I listen too aswell. So from now on expect to have some more music shit. Well it won't be shit to me. Right now My boy J Derulo is on replay in my ears everytime he pops up in the playlist.

Night !