Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Last week was pretty much a down week with Thanksgiving. I went up to NYC to see my Aunt who was over from London for work. We ended up seeing the Macy's Day Parade, which was great. I got in 3 short runs in Central Park. The highlight workout was the Sunday Bike Tempo with Dirk we did 60k cutting down each 20k total time was 1:33:25.

Week Totals:
Swim:8800 (4)
Bike: 62 (2)
Run: 34 (6) Lots of short runs !

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Last week! ending Nov 22th

Another decent week in the books. I have to say I really enjoy doing Tri training, anyone who knows me well ! knows that I love to train. I realized the hard way there is only so many miles you can run before your body breaks down. For me I could lash out the miles in the Portlaw woods before I came to the states and even in the summers getting ready for XC. But somewhere along the way my body didn't like it anymore. So learned how to stay in shape Cross Training. I would put doubles and triples in when I was hurt, it would only take me 2-3weeks of running to get back into workable shape.
This last time I got injured I say to myself "What the fuck" and during one day in the pool I decided to attempt some swimming out of boredom. man was I bad. After a couple of reprs of 25y's I was drying. But hey I was getting a decent workout done in less time. I even had it in the back of my mind to attempt a Triathlon. That I did this year and ended my season with a few handy races, I won a couple of sprints and managed a decent result @ Nations Triathlon in September. But realize I need to get my swim time down to achieve my goals.

Anyway enough rambling, Training Week Nov 16th-22th

AM-Swim: 2600. The water for fuckin as cold as the Atlantic ! and add the fact that I was so tired. I got out early. We had a tough swim-kick set.
PM-Run: 9mi w 12X400/100jog. av 72.5.

AM-Run: 4miles 24:00
Worked all day and didn't get home til 9pm so I bailed on getting on the Trainer. Watched the last period of the Caps and the Rangers. Great win for us !

AM-Swim: 3550
PM-Bike: 31.5mi Hains Ride. I pulled on the front for a decent amount of time.
Run :4mi Straight into a cut-down effort off the bike. Ran 21:50 (524,519,514,507)
My legs are starting to come around again !
Went to watch Ireland get cheated out of the World Cup by those French F#@K#%S !

AM-Swim 2850. Great Main Set of 3X300,3X200,3X100. av 5:08,3:22,1:38
PM-Run 6.25mi 44min, Real Easy before work @ Noon.
7pm-Run 5.25mi 37min, I ran with the Pacers Fun Run crew.

AM-Bike 39.5mi W Dirk we did 4X10KM in 15:45,15:55(1mi uphill),15:22,13:34. For the last one we did TT style Dirk set off 45sec and ahead and I worked hard to catch him. I paced my effort and ended up cutting down each mile nicely. We both rolled PR's but were aided by a sight tail wind. Overall a great workout.
PM-Run 5.5mi in 39min EZ before the Caps game. Today was so nice out.

AM-Run 11mi Real easy (ran 6.5mi w Zac)
Pm-Swim 1750, made it to the pool @ 6 15 after work and had 40mins to get in a workout. Did a W up and a few 50s and attempted a tired 800 TT. Did 13:28min Decent effort as I was hurting on the W up.

AM 63.5 mi w Dirk. We did another 80k effort. in 2:07- This week was a little colder and there was some wind on the way home. Funniest thing happened @ 46MI into of effort, the long Get Low came on my I-Pod. I sometimes sing this to my self as I focus on getting into a good aero position. It was perfect timing. Along with some Snow Patrol, The Script and some Dance tunes I had a good mix going. On another positive note I didn't need to sleep for 2 hours after this one. Had a fun day hanging out with Heather.

Week Totals.
Swim 10,500 (4 swims)
Bike 144.5mi (3 rides)
Run 44mi (7 runs)

Friday, November 20, 2009

EU benefits !

My number one follower commented on it been a while since my last update. I need to set aside time for me to get my posts done.

So here is how the rest of last week went and I will update this week next.

AM- Ran 6.25 mi in the driving rain. Did a 5 mi effort on Military Rd. Anyone who has run on it knows how tough it is. I split 606,550,532,603,543. A start as I will use this route as a benchmark of my fitness level, similar to what I did last winter.

Mid Day-Bike 12mi went down to Hains, but not a soul was there to ride! my hands and feet were frozen off so headed home. Need to dress lots better on cold weather.

PM Ran 5.25 mi in 36min with the Pacers Fun Run Crew.

Am- Swim 3850. main set was 10x25,10x50,10x75,10x100. av were 23,47,116,138. fastest were 21,45,115,127. ended with 20x25 (Ez-build-fast)

PM-Bike 38 mi with Dirk we did 2X20k in 33:50min and 32:00min. Rained all the time but we got it done. First workout together I'm excited about getting in some great sessions together to prepare us for 2010.

Am-Ran 7mi with a 3.5mi tempo 507,510,507 were the splits.
Didn't get to do anything after work as I very little time.

Am- Bike 65mi w Dirk, we did a 80k tempo effort in 2h06:45. (65:45/60:55). We switched off every mile which worked so well. Rolled the last 5k really fast. It was lots of fun. Even after 12 beers the night before I felt great.
Took a nap in the middle of the day as I was Johnny Cashed !

Pm Ran 4mi really Ez with Bert R(he raced the Veterans Day 10k, not a great race for him as he is rolling into good shape) Always great to run with him.

Week Totals:
Swim 11000y
Bike 105mi
Run 44mi

Not a bad week.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Long way to go !

After a decent last week, my goal is increase my running and swimming this week. As long as I hit at least 2 good bike workouts and an easy ride I will be happy.

AM Swim 3200- main set was 5 x (200,4X50).
PM Run 5miles- After work I jogged to the track and ran 8x400 with 100 jog. av 73 sec. Plan was to test my hip/IT and introduce some pace work to the legs. The first 4 were not smooth by the last 4 were more relaxed.

PM 10.25 miles- 71min. Ran solo into DC via G-town and back on the Mt Vernon trail. Legs felt ok.

AM Swim 4000- after a warm up set of 15X100 (5Ez,5Med,5Hard) we did 10X50 kicking, then onto the main set of 11 x 150 off a short rest. John claims "I needed to put in a mile worth of work to prepare me for my next Triathlon". This is officially the most volume I have ever put in during one workout. Ended on a good note with my last 150. But I will be hurting today.
The plan is to get a run in before the Caps game tonight.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I want to burn out bright !

After thinking about it was so time, I finally decided to entry the Blog-world. I enjoy reading blogs from people I know and have to admit its sometimes provides motivation. My blog will document my transition from Running to Triathlons. After years of putting the training in only to get injured and miss out on racing the big races I aim for. The year 2010 will mark my first official year were I call myself a Multisport Athlete with my focus on Duathlons and Triathlons . Yes I did do some Tri's this yr, but it was more of a flirt with the sport.
Hopefully I can provide some interesting posts about training and the trials of the miles oh and the yards too.

Here is the details from the week ending Nov 8th.
Am Bike 18mi- time 60min, with 4 Long hill reps.
PM Run 4.5mi-Ran to the track did 2mile Cut-Down in 10:30 Got to get my legs turning over again @ tempo pace.
Swim 2000y w Zac. we did some reps but mainly just swam for distance.

AM: Run 8.75mi- 57mins. Easy Hip/IT not feeling better. This week will be a down week running wise.

AM: Swim 3500, back with John F's group. main set was 8X150-50. ended with a 200 Time Trial. John wanted to see were I was at. So great to be back under his guidance. Within a 3 months I cut 4 mins off my 1500m time. But I still need another 4mins at least off. To bring my swim on par with my Bike and run.
NOON: Bike 28.5 mi- 1hour 25mins @ Hains Point with the lunch Time gang. Got in a pack up front with Chuck and Michael F and some guy who didn't do any work. But that's all good. I don't mind pulling extra turns as for Tri's you got to do all the work anyway. Rode back with the two lads and got some good advice on cycling.

AM: Swim 3000- great main set of 3X(3x50,2x100,1x150,1x200) each set got faster. the 100's and 200's were hard efforts the 50's and 150's steady. This morning I was hit with another 200 TT- ended up 1sec faster.
NOON: Bike 30mi, back to Hains. It was not as hard as yesterday ended up jumping up front for some of the sprints. those boys fly ! I always miss time my move when sprinting but learning to mix it up with the big guns and it is just some fun to vary the pace.
PM: Run 4.5mi after work. took it easy.

AM: Run 8mi 59mins easy in the G-town trails. Forgot how much I like running in these trails. The pace is slower but def a more enjoyable run.
PM: GYM 30mins, Core and Weights. Run 4mi EZ 27min.

AM: Bike 30mi. I did the DC Tri Time Trial 16miles (5 laps of Hains) Man it was cold at 8am and also a little windy. ended up riding 38:27. I progressed each lap and ended up blasting the last one in 7:15, the first one was 7:52. It will be a good benchmark as I enter the winter season. In the spring I use the same 16miles as a Test.

PM: Run 5mi EZ around R-Island. Great day for a run.
Caps win tonight, 2 in a row.
AM: Bike 30mi EZ with Tim and his buddy Brendan. Up and out the door @ 6:40am, a little chilly to start but it was prefect after the turn around.
10am Core with Robert Gillanders and the Pacers Racing Team- 40mins of some great strength stuff. Working with Bob is a must for anyone in the DC area who needs to improve their core and prevent injuries.
PM Swim 1000y. Got to the pool late after work. Just was happy to be there as I need to be constant with the putting in 4-5 swims a week.

Week totals:
Swim-9500 y
Bike- 137.5 mi
Run-39.5 mi

First off it was a great week for training, so that is why I think is the main reason my bike mileage was decent. My aim is to be between 120-150mi for my base phase. This past summer I didn't really focus to much on the bike. Some weeks would be 120mi others would be 50mi or even less. But now its time to get serious and put the work in. In regards to swimming I would have liked to be have got my yards in. Goal is 15000y from now on, been back at John's group will make this easy.
With my right Hip/IT tight I didn't really have a mileage goal for running, Normally I try hit 50mi . But I need to make sure I fix this problem before it sticks around. On a positive note got in 2 Core sessions this week!