Monday, December 20, 2010

Century Club

Wow has it been cold in DC the past week or so. Running in 35 now feelings awesome. On Sat I got nice and early to jump on the DC Velo 7am ride with my boys Zac and Darrion (
Starting out it as cold and there was still snow on the ground but thankfully the roads were for the most part safe.
On our warm up I asked Zac and the D-man to guess how many guys would be riding. Zac said 15, D-man 22 and myself guessed 25. As soon as we joined the group I counted 12ish riders. We may have picked up 1 or 2 more alot the way. Anyway I keep it steady as I knew I had the opportunity to ride the 10am due to not having to go to work. As soon as the pace got going my body felt warm, I was getting a good work out chasing down Chuck and Tim Rugg (Talented rider and great dude). As soon as we got back to Rock Creek I stopped for Coffee and a Bagel with Chuck and Tim. We fueled up and chilled before riding over to meet the 10am ride. Which included my boy Shawn Johns . Which started off smaller than 7am (even with the sun out and it now felt great to ride) The pace of the 10am starts easy and then becomes very solid for the majority of the ride. The route has alot more hills than the 7am, nothing crazy just rollers. The main different is there is no catch up point. Once your dropped its bye bye. I was entering new ground after 66miles but was feeling strong and kept doing my pulls and chasing down to get in a great ride. Coming home the last hill I was dreaming of food !

Overall December has been a very relaxed un-structured month for me. I'm glad to be back running and looking forward to follow more of a plan starting Jan 1st. As for swimming I hitting the workouts and will join back with my Masters Program in the New Year.

Hope everyone is having a good Holiday and is plotting and planning their 2011 goals.


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