Saturday, April 9, 2011

Turn on Tune up and Roll out !

Today I did my last real tune up for next weekends race. The goal was to put in a solid effort, focus on relaxing and rolling. Easier said than done sometimes for us. Fast comes from being relaxed and reminding ourselves of it, but in the heat of the moment we forget this.

Anyway the weather was prefect just a little windy but the temp was right around 55 and the sun was out. It was 5km-20km-3km. The first run ended up been 2.8miles to the Transition line according to my garmin. I hit the first mile in 4:49, the 2nd had a solid hill and I was 5:02, then ran 5:00 pace (according to the garmin) 13:40ish. That would be a nice 5k split right, prob 5k once you add the run in and out of transition !! I jumped on my bike, sidenote: I didn't put the elastic bands on too good as the bumps knotted them off and my shoes scrapped on the ground as I took off. Rookie move Robbie. Ahwell. The bike was 3 laps of a testing loop with some hills and a twisty rough section. I rode a good tempo effort. T2 was better, good dismount and then off and out for a good 3k effort, I focused in my mind on staying relaxed and not to push, the watch sounded and mile one was 4:55, so I backed off as I was happy with that effort and didn't want to tax the body too much up the final hill. I finished in 53:57, afterwards I found out it was course record by 5:15ish. The best part of the day was meeting lots of people from the Multisport community in the South East. Lots of fun and can't wait for next weekend.



  1. Nice race, Robbie! Good to see you're blowing past course records all over the place :P

    What were the rubber bands for? I didn't get that part.

  2. Beth,
    The bands keep your shoes balanced and not hitting the ground as you run out to the mount line with your bike. That is if you have your shoes already chipped on your bike. Make sense ?