Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014 season thoughts

The days have been flying by and we are nearly into February, but I'm still in the middle of the building phase of my base training. Over the years I have learned that its best to be patient and let your fitness come back to you without pressing and stressing. Its really a case of trusting your mind and body that you can get to where you want to be at the right time without over training. There's no shortcuts to training or magic sessions or overnight success, its all about putting in the work, staying consist and believing in your system.

Speaking of system, I have had some adjustments and developments to help me get to the next level and achieve what I believe is possible. Anyone can dream only some can do! After reviewing my 2013 year I decided it was time to add some key aspects and members to Team Wade. (More to come on this over the next week or so)

Right now I'm focusing on the simple things and doing them well, the cornerstone to my training plan are basic but very specific.
5 swims( I like to do MOST masters swim  as our coach Susan provides excellent workouts and knows how to make me tick! also I may do one swim by myself on Sunday with more of a longer focus)

5 bikes (1 brick, 1-2 trainer focus sessions, 1-2 easy, and 1 long with race pace)

5 run (1 brick, 1 tempo, 1 track/hills, 1 easy, 1 long)

Depending on the week and the training block the above varies slightly but the key is consistency and not aiming to knock it out the park but get around the bases. Oh and another little thing is 'recovery", I will touch more on this also. In terms of races right now my aim is to open up at the new 70.3 in Monterrey and in the lead up I will do some local running races and Duathlons.

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