Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Season Kick off

2014 racing season has began with a bang for me this past weekend down in the Big N Easy.
With My buddies from Tyler TX

                                                         Rocking my Cobb Shorts!

As a runner my go to "fitness test" is a road racing and as I was down in the great Crescent City working the expo at the Rock n Roll Half & full Marathon, I decided it would be prefect to run the half marathon. With that been said, working two days on your feet before a race is less than an ideal plan. I embraced the opportunity and set the goal of beating my time from last year (1:14:40) or so.

With the race being 3 weeks earlier this year and I'm also not in the same running fitness I knew it would be a tough task, but hey setting stretch goals is what makes us better. I also have been working on a new program with Elevate Life which I feel will help me get to the next level this year.  More to come on this program in the lead up to my first 70.3 in March.

To give an idea of my preparation run wise, the last 5 weeks I've been focused on my swim, so my run mileage has been (39 miles,26,37,20 and 40 race week) in terms of workouts they have been on the short side (4-5mi cut downs) nothing faster than 5:25 pace.   The day before the race I ran 6.2 miles easy and put in 40 min on the bike trainer to help the legs recover post 9 hours standing.  Then a  beer and a burger with my mates Seth, Jeremy and Peter before off to bed for our 5 am wake up call.

Race morning came fast, with a nasty change in the weather from the previous few days! More importantly the humidity was nasty (98%) I was glad I wore my Cobb Tri Shorts as not only did make sure I would have some extra support in my hips/quads they are also perfect for racing in hot/humid conditions due to their lightweight and quality material.   I decided after a quick 10 min warm up it was best to start out a little conservative and work into the race. After 5 km I knew it was going to be a grind with the sweet dripping off my forehead! So the plan was keep the foot on the gas and chase! As we hit downtown about 8/9mi  into the race I heard some friends shouting and it gave me motivation to keep pressing as 2rd was just ahead of by about 50 meters. I decided at 10 miles it was time to close the gap, right at 20k I bridged up, but a min or so later he pushed hard and opened up again to deserve to hold 2nd place.

For my warm down I ran out to pace in my buddy Seth to an excellent top 10 on a rough day for a Marathon.

Overall I was pleased with my effort and it sets me up for a great run block towards March.

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