Friday, January 1, 2010

Fairfax 4miler

Last night was a positive ending to the year. Over 1000 people ended up finishing our New Years Eve race. Good job to Kathy for the hard work she does with races. 2010 will be exciting for Pacers Events. The weather was not as bad as predicted earlier in the week. The rain did come down right before the start. But hey I like running in the rain !

As the gun went off a pack of four broke away Will,E Burke, M Wardian and myself. I relaxed and worked my way to the front. Before the mile Will and myself moved away, hitting Mi 1 in 4:56, the 2nd mi we worked together and hit Mi 2 in 9:52. It was cool as right in the middle of the race the course looped around a local High School Track. Coming out I pushed a little but we remained together hitting Mi 3 in 14:50. The last mile was pretty much all up hill and we held together until about 600m to go, were I surged and moved away winner in 20:01. 2nd time winner ! Felt relaxed the whole race and recovered fast.

Now its time to focus on my first full year of Multi-Sport. The last 10 days I have been mainly running. But Monday is week 1 of my new training plan.

Happy New Year to all !


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  1. Great job on the win, the strength is evident with the surge on the uphill. I can't wait to see what you and Dirk accomplish in 2010.