Saturday, January 23, 2010

Roadies !

So today I rode with the legendary DC Velo 7am Saturday morning ride I guessing there was at least 40 guys from the start. Pretty hardcore and a great route. Some of the roads are part of my normal routes, but a few times I was unsure of the way. I worked my way to the front, as we got rolling on Clara Barton Parkway. Saw Mattis rocking his new Dolan. I knew there was so good hills so I just relaxed until we hit Old Anglers Inn (start of the climbs) and jumped on the pain train ! JK. I actually was feeling good and rode at the back of small group that broke away as we rode up and down the hills before re joining the guys that got dropped on the big climb. The rest of the ride was steady until a sprint at the end. My boy Shawn Johns dropped out the front and got things rolling. We hit 38.5 MPH on the flat. flying !

Hit 57miles on the day-

This week has been a solid week, and will be capped with a long run tomorrow.

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