Sunday, April 18, 2010

Earth Day !

Another week in the books. I have to say April is my favorite month of the year. Not just because my birthday occurs during it. It is due to the Spring weather and early season races which gets you excited for the season ahead.
When I looked at my goal races for 2010, I was really interested in the European Duathlon Championships in Nancy France May 1st. I can know officially declared I will be representing Ireland and racing with my Dutch training partner Dirk De Heer. About 10 years ago I got to put on the Irish Singlet a couple of times as a Junior for Cross Country. This is an opportunity for me as I decided to fully focus on Multisport starting 2010 and I would like to thank everyone at Triathlon Ireland for being so helpful.
More to come on the Europeans, back to the weeks training.

Mon- Tempo run 8miles 44:50 on the canal. Just locked into 5 35 pace after the first mi. CORE afterwards.

Tue-AM 3miles jog and light Swim w Zac PM 5miles easy after working all day.

Wed-PM Bike 37.5miles @ Hains for most of it.
Run 9miles total (3miles 19:00- 5 X 800/200 w 200 jog between. 2:24/33sec pace)

Thu-Run 6miles easy
Bike 35.5 miles short reps with Dirk. 1mi-2mi-3mi-1mi-2mi-3mi

Fri-Bike 6miles to the race.
Run 8.5 miles total .Crystal City 5km Tempo pace with Matt. 15:44. Relaxed.

Sat: Swim 1900 with Zac, who was flying. W-out was 4X500. I did 3 and did 2X100, 1X200 on the last, as I was hurting. Shoulder was sore at work afterwards. After the Duathlon I need to swim 5 times a week.

Sun: Run 8miles Total. Earth Day 5km. Tough course. ran 15:41, but the effort was a lot faster. Ask Nate B and Erik K! Last mile was all the way up hill, first was fast we went out in 4:45 then the second was twisty just a bit above 5:00. But overall a fun race.
Bike 15miles afterward the race. It was cold out and didn't have enough clothes on.
PM Bike 19miles on my ride for Nancy. Thanks to Revolution Cycles for allowing me to borrow a nice Trek 4.7 . Best bike store in the DC Area. Check out their new store at Crystal City.

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