Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Eagleman 70.3 AKA Sufferfest !

This past weekend I did my first Half Ironman. Going in I knew it would be a tough race, my 3 goals were to (1) qualify for 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater, (2) do a sub 4:15 and (3) have the faster run split.
I achieved just one of them, the most important one. Basically all the 70.3 Ironman have 1-3 slots for Clearwater in each Age Group. (depending on how competitive your age group is and how many people are in it). Eagleman had 2 slots for 25-29 and I got the second one, the race was billed as the most stacked 70.3 of the season lots of the best Pros and top Elite Amateurs looking to roll fast times. However, with temperatures getting up close to 100. The race was all about surviving out there. Check out what the race winner Terenzo Bozzone had to say about it.

As for me, I honestly didn't have a great race but learned alot about the Half Iron distance . My swim was terrible, even with it been non-wetsuit and more than the correct 1.2miles. I was way to slow in the water. Lots of work needed here. I did have a decent swim at Columbia so I know I can do it. On the bike I was to conservative, but I can count on one hand the number of rides that I have done over 56 miles this year. So room for improvement here. I did average 24.5 MPH on a flat windy course so I will take this as a good benchmark. I need more hills to out split the power guys.
The run was a disaster after 5 miles, I was just really thinking about getting to the finish line. Need to get some more long intense bricks done to prepare me to run up to my fitness level over the Half Iron distance.

So the positives outcomes ! well I nailed my nutrition thanks to Brian Shea of
PersonalBest Nutrition.com . I will be working with Brian moving forward. Anyone having trouble with race day or training nutrition let me know and I will put you in contact with him. Oh and yes the other big positive. I get to do it all over again down in Cleanwater in November.
This time I will be ready to roll !


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  1. Hey bro, awesome job on qualifying! Also, I'm definitely taking your referral of Brain, I'm in search of a nutritionist to work with my clients. See you out running!