Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hot Hot

Another hot one !
Today was a scheduled for a nearly record breaking Temperature. Thankfully for me I just had an Olympic Distance to complete. So I was hoping to be done before the heat of the sun.
The race start was delayed about 30mins but they cut the distance between the wave so my wave of the Olympic got off about 15-20mins late.
We jumped in and had about 2mins before the start. Man I'm such more relaxed this year in the open water. A year ago to the date I was shitty my self and it took alot for me to not drop out about a few hundred meters into the swim .
I wanted to start out harder and attack the water, normally I go straight to the back and let everyone go. I found myself leader a group for the first 700m, I attempted to lack onto the pack ahead of me but they were flying right at we got to 800m I let the 2 guys behind me slip in front of me and followed their feet. Hey they were following me for 700m ! I felt I had a ok swim without the wetsuit. I was ranked 52nd so not bad. Still need to get myself into the sub 23 range soon.

I sprinted into Transition and ran the long distance out over the bumps to the bike mount line. I knew I was moving good on the bike by checking my usual 10 mi and 2o mi checks. However I didn't really find my legs until 17 miles. On the 2nd lap I hit some major traffic (bikers on their first lap) between 12-14 miles. But I just shouted on your left as much as I could. I think they need to bring back the race briefing as everyone and their mom was riding all over the road.
I was 2nd faster by 12 secs on the bike behind a solid rider.
In regards to my bike approach I find it better to stay in control on the bike so I have some legs for run. I guessed on the biked I was in about 2nd place and afterward I realized I rode into the leader by about 1 : 30 but man he is a fish and the race was over after the swim !

Onto the run, I planned to go out in control and maintenance my pace. I was hitting 5:15-5:20 for every mile other than 5. Which was up Capitol Hill. That hurt big time. The killed in the last 1/2mi. I split an ok 32:56. I need to get back on the track and add some tempo's to hit sub 32:00.

Afterward I found out the winner was a stud ITU guy fro Ukraine who recently finished 23rd at the biggest race of the season in Iowa. What was he doing in DC ? Did he think that this race was a Dextro World Series race like last year. JK

Overall Time 1:56:28
Swim 25:08
T1 1:27
Bike 56:00
T2 2 59
Run 32:56

My goal was a sub 2:00 and if I had a good race hopefully take the win. So yes I'm pleased with my result!

Back to pool in the morning with John to work on my weakness.


  1. good race man..did u fin second overall??

  2. great job - i like your new approach to the swim start!