Friday, November 20, 2009

EU benefits !

My number one follower commented on it been a while since my last update. I need to set aside time for me to get my posts done.

So here is how the rest of last week went and I will update this week next.

AM- Ran 6.25 mi in the driving rain. Did a 5 mi effort on Military Rd. Anyone who has run on it knows how tough it is. I split 606,550,532,603,543. A start as I will use this route as a benchmark of my fitness level, similar to what I did last winter.

Mid Day-Bike 12mi went down to Hains, but not a soul was there to ride! my hands and feet were frozen off so headed home. Need to dress lots better on cold weather.

PM Ran 5.25 mi in 36min with the Pacers Fun Run Crew.

Am- Swim 3850. main set was 10x25,10x50,10x75,10x100. av were 23,47,116,138. fastest were 21,45,115,127. ended with 20x25 (Ez-build-fast)

PM-Bike 38 mi with Dirk we did 2X20k in 33:50min and 32:00min. Rained all the time but we got it done. First workout together I'm excited about getting in some great sessions together to prepare us for 2010.

Am-Ran 7mi with a 3.5mi tempo 507,510,507 were the splits.
Didn't get to do anything after work as I very little time.

Am- Bike 65mi w Dirk, we did a 80k tempo effort in 2h06:45. (65:45/60:55). We switched off every mile which worked so well. Rolled the last 5k really fast. It was lots of fun. Even after 12 beers the night before I felt great.
Took a nap in the middle of the day as I was Johnny Cashed !

Pm Ran 4mi really Ez with Bert R(he raced the Veterans Day 10k, not a great race for him as he is rolling into good shape) Always great to run with him.

Week Totals:
Swim 11000y
Bike 105mi
Run 44mi

Not a bad week.

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