Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Long way to go !

After a decent last week, my goal is increase my running and swimming this week. As long as I hit at least 2 good bike workouts and an easy ride I will be happy.

AM Swim 3200- main set was 5 x (200,4X50).
PM Run 5miles- After work I jogged to the track and ran 8x400 with 100 jog. av 73 sec. Plan was to test my hip/IT and introduce some pace work to the legs. The first 4 were not smooth by the last 4 were more relaxed.

PM 10.25 miles- 71min. Ran solo into DC via G-town and back on the Mt Vernon trail. Legs felt ok.

AM Swim 4000- after a warm up set of 15X100 (5Ez,5Med,5Hard) we did 10X50 kicking, then onto the main set of 11 x 150 off a short rest. John claims "I needed to put in a mile worth of work to prepare me for my next Triathlon". This is officially the most volume I have ever put in during one workout. Ended on a good note with my last 150. But I will be hurting today.
The plan is to get a run in before the Caps game tonight.

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