Sunday, November 22, 2009

Last week! ending Nov 22th

Another decent week in the books. I have to say I really enjoy doing Tri training, anyone who knows me well ! knows that I love to train. I realized the hard way there is only so many miles you can run before your body breaks down. For me I could lash out the miles in the Portlaw woods before I came to the states and even in the summers getting ready for XC. But somewhere along the way my body didn't like it anymore. So learned how to stay in shape Cross Training. I would put doubles and triples in when I was hurt, it would only take me 2-3weeks of running to get back into workable shape.
This last time I got injured I say to myself "What the fuck" and during one day in the pool I decided to attempt some swimming out of boredom. man was I bad. After a couple of reprs of 25y's I was drying. But hey I was getting a decent workout done in less time. I even had it in the back of my mind to attempt a Triathlon. That I did this year and ended my season with a few handy races, I won a couple of sprints and managed a decent result @ Nations Triathlon in September. But realize I need to get my swim time down to achieve my goals.

Anyway enough rambling, Training Week Nov 16th-22th

AM-Swim: 2600. The water for fuckin as cold as the Atlantic ! and add the fact that I was so tired. I got out early. We had a tough swim-kick set.
PM-Run: 9mi w 12X400/100jog. av 72.5.

AM-Run: 4miles 24:00
Worked all day and didn't get home til 9pm so I bailed on getting on the Trainer. Watched the last period of the Caps and the Rangers. Great win for us !

AM-Swim: 3550
PM-Bike: 31.5mi Hains Ride. I pulled on the front for a decent amount of time.
Run :4mi Straight into a cut-down effort off the bike. Ran 21:50 (524,519,514,507)
My legs are starting to come around again !
Went to watch Ireland get cheated out of the World Cup by those French F#@K#%S !

AM-Swim 2850. Great Main Set of 3X300,3X200,3X100. av 5:08,3:22,1:38
PM-Run 6.25mi 44min, Real Easy before work @ Noon.
7pm-Run 5.25mi 37min, I ran with the Pacers Fun Run crew.

AM-Bike 39.5mi W Dirk we did 4X10KM in 15:45,15:55(1mi uphill),15:22,13:34. For the last one we did TT style Dirk set off 45sec and ahead and I worked hard to catch him. I paced my effort and ended up cutting down each mile nicely. We both rolled PR's but were aided by a sight tail wind. Overall a great workout.
PM-Run 5.5mi in 39min EZ before the Caps game. Today was so nice out.

AM-Run 11mi Real easy (ran 6.5mi w Zac)
Pm-Swim 1750, made it to the pool @ 6 15 after work and had 40mins to get in a workout. Did a W up and a few 50s and attempted a tired 800 TT. Did 13:28min Decent effort as I was hurting on the W up.

AM 63.5 mi w Dirk. We did another 80k effort. in 2:07- This week was a little colder and there was some wind on the way home. Funniest thing happened @ 46MI into of effort, the long Get Low came on my I-Pod. I sometimes sing this to my self as I focus on getting into a good aero position. It was perfect timing. Along with some Snow Patrol, The Script and some Dance tunes I had a good mix going. On another positive note I didn't need to sleep for 2 hours after this one. Had a fun day hanging out with Heather.

Week Totals.
Swim 10,500 (4 swims)
Bike 144.5mi (3 rides)
Run 44mi (7 runs)

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