Friday, January 7, 2011


First week of 2011 and 100 Days until European Duathlon Championship in Limerick. Training is going well this week.
Funniest moment of the week: Falling off my bike while talking to my Dad as I was cycling to the Pool, he kept talking while I picked myself up. Lucky I was going uphill and like 6 MPH. I did get some road burn. Hey! I got to practice hitting the deck, right ?

Off to put in some time in the hills on the bike before work.

Oh if you haven't seen this yet check it out this Video above.



  1. Lol! Doesn't surprise me, with the days of ole' when you used to crash into Lakefront Path patrons. Good to see your doing well. Go Robbie!

  2. Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen!