Sunday, January 9, 2011

Haymarket Bike League round 2

This morning I rode the 2nd round of the Haymarket Bike League. The weather was cold but the pace was hot ! The group was about half the size of last week, it was the hardcore crew who got out of bed this morning. Youngster Darion Fleming was back from his trip to Ireland and is ready to start laying the foundation for his first bike season with Team Snapple. Follow his progress at
The dirt section was alot easier for me this week as I could shift to the small ring up front on my bike. Man last week I was getting killed in the dirt going up any kind of hill basically slipping because of all the force I was pushing. This week I could ride and enjoyed it alot more. I'm feeling stronger every time I get on the bike, this week I rode 3 times, last week I rode twice, and once the week before so its about time to add more riding to my training. I will aim to get out on my Tri bike at least once a week starting this tomorrow.
In relation to my training overall the other two sport are up to frequency and I will continue to add volume and intensity over the next few weeks.

Check out Darion before the race.

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  1. How you manage to get up every morning before sunrise I will never know, but I'm awfully impressed. keep up the hard work, it will continue to pay off!